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Implants in the virus era

It’s known that encapsulated viruses remain in the throat for four days, on the average, before entering the general blood stream.


What is usually recommended? Fewer invasive treatments are recommended. Elderly patients come to clinics less frequently, and do not wish to stay for a long time and undergo complicated procedures.


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Our implant combines in one: a short expandable - cutting system ​

Our concept

The TRUEFORMER’s design is driven by simplicity: its innovation revolves around short implants with an expandable system, capable of improving stability of the implant and osseointegration. This new system is easy to administer for dentists allowing them to use the same surgical procedures as conventional dental implants. Allowing better stability and fixation into the jaw bone is one of the benefits of BOLERO TRUEFORMER’s design. The four wings in the implant’s third apical part contribute to primary stabilization, improving the osseointegration process due to minimization of micro movements after insertion.

Our goal

To optimize the existing Implant Design in the market with innovative systems which eliminates limitations from its predecessors, providing a better biomechanical and clinical advantage. The BOLERO TRUEFORMER Dental Implant System amplifies placement possibilities, which allows passing up vital structure, reduction on bone grafting procedures, increase in the acceptance of patients, and offer clinical satisfaction.

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