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Short dental implant placements are proposed as an alternative to bone graft procedures with high surgical risks. Mechanical proprieties of short dental implants have been discussed in several articles. Biomechanical behaviors and influences of short implant diameters under various conditions of bone quality have been scrutinized by using finite element models. Simulations combined CT images and CAD system, with the use of models of 6mm lengths and 6, 7, and 8mm diameters under 3 types of bone qualities (from normal to osteoporotic), and its results showed that implant diameters did not influence the Von Misses Strains of the bone under the vertical load. Lateral loads have induced high bone strain and implant stress in comparison to vertical loads. The Von Misses Stress of the implants and their compartments were all less than the yield stress of the material under vertical and lateral loads. Attaining a proper occlusal scheme design or selective occlusal adjustments to reduce the lateral occlusal force upon the short implants are recommended.

Our concept

TRUEFORMER design is driven by simplicity; its innovation revolves around short implants with an expandable system capable of improving stability of implant and osseointegration. The new system is simple to implant, and dentists can use the same surgical procedures for classic dental implants.

  • Treatment procedure: This type of implant can be used ¬†without any bone augmentation, waiting periods, complex or multiple re-entry procedures. Trueformer can be inserted in combination with other implants (such as the TRUEFORMER implants in posterior jaw areas and long implants in anterior jaw areas).

  • Implant design: This design is an external shape of TRUEFORMER with a conical end. The expandable system has improved initial implant stabilization.

  • Implant material, surface treatment and sterilization are similar in all these implants. Aluminum Oxide Blasting is the first step in the preparation of implants where etching procedures may be added.

  • Surgical procedures: This procedure uses classical surgical kit followed by activation (opening) of the system.

  • Prosthetic rehabilitation: This procedure is similar to other implants using external hex abutment.

Our goal

Our goal is to optimize the existing implant design in the market using a new system that omits the limitations of previous systems, giving better biomechanical and clinical advantages. The BOLERO TRUEFORMER Dental Implant System amplifies placement possibilities, which allows passing up vital structures, reduce bone-grafting procedures, increase in the acceptance of patients, and offer clinical satisfaction.